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Fokes is an easy communication app that builds trust.

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A technology to connect everyone

The Fokes platform connects the three parties involved in caring for an individual.

Care Agencies

Integrate conversation and data for smoother interactions and less miscommunication.


Keep caregivers in the know with the information they need in real time to give their best.


Family members want to stay in the loop. We give them modern tools to do that.

We provide comfort to families that have their loved ones in care of a home care agency.
We utilize a 3 prong communication platform to allow for real time & transparent communication.

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The app you need for guilt-free home healthcare

Many people who hire home healthcare workers or agencies feel like they're in the dark about daily care. Fokes offers a forward-thinking communication app that restores trust by helping everyone communicate easily.


Managing your business

Many home healthcare agencies struggle to efficiently communicate with client families without micromanaging their caretakers. Fokes offers a forward -thinking communication app that restores trust by helping everyone communicate easily.

Digital Forms
Employee Records
Client Records
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Discover what we can do for you

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Use Cases

Client Care Specialist

Keep up with all of your clients by accessing profiles, messages, and a history of all changes made with your phone, tablet or computer.  Quickly address situations with the information you need at your fingertips.  Our goal is to help you form those long lasting relationships and positive experiences.

New caregivers

Caregivers get their own interface within the app to see their client's profile with notes, tasks, and messages from the family. This can drastically reduce onboarding time and make lasting first impressions.


Managing schedules, reconciling purchases, and staying up on caregiver certifications. These are just some of the tasks in the office that we help you get done every week.

A client's family member

Families just want to ensure their loved one is being cared for.  Fokes is a simple, yet direct, experience that delivers satisfaction and a clear view of the care that’s being given.

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